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iKey 5000 Software Protection Dongle

IKey 5000 Software Security Dongle – An Ideal Product for the Safety and Security of Important Software Systems

Extron brings you the best in the market and the advanced IKey 5000 Software security dongle that is of course the best software protection dongle. It has been developed specifically for the protection of developed software products from unauthorized installations. Not forgetting to mention the multiple installs that ensure revenue for software developers.

The device after connecting to the USB Port ensures that the software is in use and operations only on the PC with the dongle. Not forget to mention the benefits of “no unlicensed copies are being used”. The advanced software protection dongle is helpful in holding different points of information and a counter for the number of times the dongle is accessed. In this way, it can also be used as a software access counter.

IKey 5000 software protection dongle also ensures no duplicates as it comes with fixed hardware serial number in each dongle. If your software or similar other system requires higher level of security, you will get advanced and more detailed security in the applications through this amazing software protection dongle.

Feel free to contact us via a phone call or by sending mail and you will get the best protection solutions for your software from Extron in Australia.