Innovation Design and Development - Electronic Design - Extron
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Innovation Design and Development

Creative designs enhance the value of each and every item – whether it is bottles, laptops, buildings, or electronic systems. Electronic design is something on which the success or failure of electronics depends. And as we know nothing in this globe is static, then how can a design be? To thrive in the industry, to outclass your competitors, to bring forth something new in the market, you need Innovation Design and Development ideas, and ongoing product development during its life cycle to keep in front of your competitors.

We, “Extron Design”, are a product development company of Australia. Understanding your requirements, we are engaged in providing innovative electronic designs. Innovation Development & Design is backed by in-depth analysis and research. Our experts look at the current product, detect the flaws and then map out what improvements can be done. Meanwhile, we remain open to suggestions and ideas from the valued patrons. The innovative design is not considered complete unless and until it is made to pass through testing phases and several versions. At Extron, we keep up with technology developments and then look to see if any of our clients can benefit from new technology. Do you have a supplier doing this for you?

Many businesses and entrepreneurs experience difficulties in bringing new items to market. For product design and development, manufacturing services, and product launch, Extron offers a One-Stop Solution. Design, engineering, prototyping, production liaison, and marketing are all part of Extron’s simplified process. Our clients save time and money by having this unique product development process and capabilities in-house. You won’t have to waste time coordinating with a design firm, an engineering firm, a prototype maker, and a factory. With our comprehensive approach, our skilled project managers take the trouble and complication out of product development. We approach all projects from a functional, cost/manufacturability, and consumer appeal viewpoint since we have design and technical expertise in a range of sectors.

Under the guidance of our CEO and founder Mark Barber and other dexterous technical experts, we bring forth innovative contract PCB and schematic capture, engineering management & technology assessment, quality systems & technical procedures & documentation development, service repair & calibration, innovation design overflow, or contracting obsolete product replacement development, PCB and PCBA manufacturing designs.