Electronic Product Design & Development Company Australia - Extron
electronic product design, pcb design, PCBA management, engineering services
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Electronic Product Design Company Electronic Technology Design Services Designing tomorrows technology today
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Extron is a provider of product development and engineering services to many industry sectors. For all your design needs call us on 03 9737 6801.

Extron Design Services provides all your product development specializing in electronic product design, manufacturing needs from prototyping, printed circuit board (PCB), electronic engineering design, manufacturing design, and much more.

We have many years of engineering & management experience, If you have a product idea you want to develop, or want to upgrade an existing product with a new solution then you are in the right place.

Product development from concept to commercial product is a process with a lot of stages. This process can often take a long time and if not done correctly can cause the failure of the product.

Extron has many years of experience in product development and we would be delighted to help you with your idea.

Product development from concept to manufacturing. Do you have an idea for a new product? Not sure where to go next? Patent, copyright, funding? Coming up with the idea is often the easy part. Let Extron’s many years of product development and commercialization experience help you. Extron can help companies take their concept or idea and make it a commercial reality. We can work with your current staff or management or run the entire development.

Our Electrical Engineers have worked on a variety of projects in a variety of market categories. Strong knowledge and experience, unrivaled efficiency, and a track record of completing some of the most difficult projects. Traditional product development processes have always presented difficulties, resulting in inefficiency, errors, overruns, and missed opportunities; however, this is not the case with Extron Design.

From the start, both development and manufacturing engineers are involved in every project, ensuring that product design is informed and enhanced with manufacturability in mind.