About - Extron Electronic Design Services Australia
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About Extron Design Services

Extron is a product development company specialising in electronic design and product development. Its principle Mark Barber has been involved in electronic design and product development for more than 25 years. With degrees and qualifications in electronics, communication, C programming, CPLD, VHDL, Visual Studio and other areas, a solid knowledgeable background is always a must. Mark is a registered consultant for the Atmel AVR family one the best value for money microcontrollers, with more than 150 successful design using the AVR family and Imagecraft ICCAVR C compiler. With many products in many industry segments, for many companies, now in production and providing outstanding performance. I can help you with your product development needs. Either from the start or as additional engineering resources for your engineering division. Extron services are used by both local and international companies, with today’s modern communications location is no barrier.

With many years of engineering management experience and corporate engineering services. Mark can provide a valuable addition to any senior corporate meeting requiring any technical aspect during discussion. The ability to present technology in a simplified form to allow non technical personnel to gain a quick conceptual understanding has been a highlight of Mark’s corporate involvement. This can also be valuable during sales meetings and also during tender preparation.

If you have a product idea and do not know where to start then contact Extron. With many years of experience in product develop and many industry contacts we can usually help or direct you to the right person or company.