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Electronic Design Services

Do you use electronics as part of your product? Extron can assist in electronic design services and the PCB (Printed Circuit Board) and work with your other designers to ensure compatibility and ease of manufacture.

Extron core expertise is in electronic design and manufacturing. More than 30 years of design experience in many industry segments makes our design services a valuable resource for your organization. We can assist from the initial concept to manufacture or we can help at various stages along the way. Maybe you simply need some new ideas a little “thinking outside the box” to get a step ahead of your competitor. Do you need to redesign for more efficient production to improve reliability? Maybe you have a product that you wish to develop from an idea. Let our product development services and experience help you.

Extron can assist in the schematic design the electronic circuit design and electronic design and manufacturing work or the complete design management.

Do you have an old product that needs to be updated to keep up with new technology or to simply keep it in production? Do you have old technology that works but is too old to be manufactured anymore? Then we can help redesign with new technology and keep the product working.

Do you have production processes where you need to implement better testing and more efficient testing let Extron’s experience in automated testing help you with an efficient production test solution?

Electronic Design & Development Plan

Great products require a great development plan.  We always start by carefully reviewing your market needs and goals and then put in the research to ensure we develop the right product.

Get in touch with us about your development plan for your product,  and we will be happy to assist you.

Electronic Design Services