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Extron Design Products

Mark Barber has over the years development many products for many industry sectors and many companies. Below is a short list of the products and technology sectors that we are involved in. Most of the technology developed is available to be used under license if your needs suit, or customised to your needs and requirements.


Smartbrake is a safety braking system for the transport industry this has been developed together with Smartbrake Australia Pty. Ltd. Extron now handles the Smartbrake business and continued technology development.

Please visit the Smartbrake web siteĀ www.smartbrake.com.au

Low Cost RF Communications Link

looking for a low cost 2.4GHz RF communications module? Look no further RFDigital from the US produce a quality low cost RF channel. Extron can help you integrate this into your technology. For more information go to www.rfdigital.com

Test Equipment

Mark has been involved in the development of a number of pieces of diagnostic test equipment over the years combined with the experience in setting up and running a calibration lab. This gives valuable knowledge in the needs of test and measurement equipment. We can assist in the development of new equipment or assit in the continued development of existing designs.

RCD Testing Products

After many years of product development Extron has a range of RCD compliance test products more informatin can be found at the Measuresafe web siteĀ www.measuresafe.com.au

RCD and PAT Tester Calibration and verification product

Extron has developed a simple to use calibration/verification product to allow quick and easy testing and verification of RCD and PAT testers. This product provides known accurate RCD trips and also fixed and know resistors for PAT testing. Know as the Measuresafe 200 this product was released in 2004. Contact Extron for more information.


After much development and investigation Extron has developed some very unique and low cost basic Doppler speed radar measurements electronics. This has been used in various products including kickertube and a number of traffic speed advisory signs.

Low Cost Speed advisory Sign

speed sign

After a number of years of research and investigation into markets needs Extron has developed a low cost speed advisory sign. It has been developed with permanent installation in mind. The unit will display the speed of traffic up to 50m away with minimum reading of 20kph and maximum speed of 99kph. The unit has the ability to run from internal batteries with solar panel charging. The unit can have GSM connectivity to report the speed statistics on a regular basis.

speed sign3

iKey 5000 Software Security Dongle


Protection of developed software products from unauthorised installations and multiple installs ensure software developers revenue.

The Extron iKey 5000 is a device that connects to the USB port of the PC and is used by software to ensure that the software is being operated only on the PC with the dongle. This ensure that there are no unlicensed copies being used. The Extron iKey can be used to hold various packets of information and also holds a counter for the number of times the dongle is accessed so can be used as a software access counter. More detailed security can be offered in the applications needing a higher level of security. Fixed hardware Serial number in each dongle ensures no duplicates.

USB Hardware design


The USB serial communications port is one of the most popular interface standards in the PC world today. Designing hardware/firmware to talk to the USB port can be challenging. Many years of experience and design work developing USB hardware has resulted in some very easy to use low cost solutions for this interface. Please call Mark for for information.

Atmel AVR Consultant

8 bit microcontroller
After more than 10 years developing hardware and software with the Atmel AVR microcontrollers Mark has extensive experience in the development with this great low cost versatile processor. Mark is a registered AVR consultant with Atmel.

RFID Design

Extron has experience in RFiD design and product development both in the 125Khz and the 900MHz UHF range.

LED Lighting

Over the last 15 years Mark has had extensive design experience in the area of LED lighting. Including traffic light design general decorative lighting high power LED’s up to 100Watts, LED lighting is the way of the future if your products have the need for some LED design work then call us. While LED’s are clearly the way of the future in lighting, in so many areas, they are not as simple as light bulbs and a number of issues need to be addressed to ensure a long life and reliability. Correct use of LEDs is paramount to achieve the long life and reliability that we are starting to expect from LEDs.

RF Audio link


Using the Nordic series of RF link devices to provide a high quality audio link in the 2.4GHz range. Some very good audio quality results from this project.

FLOCKOFF Animal Deterrent Systems


Over a number of years an animal deterrent system designed to scar birds from food crops was developed, utilising a number of unique technologies a simple to use wires less audio system was developed that had very good results. Using moving audio around a crop filed the birds were confused and frightened off with no hard to the animals and the crops were protected.

Networking interface electronics

A number of TCPIP based network interface products were developed for the gaming industry allowing easy secure network access. Also a number of PC based interface cards have been developed over the years from ISA based to PCI based. A range of PC hardware/firmware diagnostics product have also been developed.

Diesel Engine Control System


Over the years Mark has been involved in the design of engine control systems, most notable a diesel engine control system providing starting and stopping control of backup system generators. Using a range of sensors and monitors the controller would look after the engine and start and stop it when required.

RF power Measurement Monitoring Equipment

A simple monitoring system was developed to monitor and report on the power levels associated with high power transmission systems. The use of XP embedded technology provided a flexible platform to develop this monitoring system.