USB Hardware Design Services - Custom USB Design - Extron
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USB Hardware Design

These days connectivity between hardware is essential and various common methods are used. The option is always wireless or wired. Do you have some electronics that needs to communicate to a PC? If it is wired then USB is a good low cost solution. Extron has extensive experience in USB communications and can add USB interface to current designs with minimal expense. Perhaps you are still using RS232 and wish in implement a USB replacement on your product. Perhaps you just need some help in your team let Extron do the USB schematic design and you staff can then implement the rest.

USB hardware design is an area that can be difficult to implement correctly but when working can provide good serial communications at a fast data rate. Maybe you need a simple USB security dongle for your hardware/software. We have developed a number of simple low-cost USB security dongles and client-branded plastics for a number of clients. We customize the software interface and work with your developers to implement a simple yet effective protocol. In quantity production costs of less than $10 can be easily achieved.