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PCB Design Services

PCB Design work is the process of taking a schematic capture and making it a reality. The Printed Circuit Board is the end result of the schematic design phase and one of the most important sections of the design but most often not given the effort it really needs. A poorly designed Printed circuit board can be hard to manufacture and can cause poor EMI issues. In the case of RF designs can lead to the product failing to function at all. With more than 25 years of PCB design work, Mark has the experience and knowledge to help develop a good Printed Circuit Board design. Even if you do the design house Mark can review the PCB and potentially pick up any issues before you go to prototyping. A simple review of the completed PCB might help to reduce the number of prototypes and help keep costs down.

Design for manufacture is an important aspect of the design phase, poor designs can lead to difficult assembly processes and unnecessary costs. Also, various other issues need to be considered some of which are

Size of the PCB for most efficient penalization on manufacturers sheet size

Minimize the number of hole sizes for efficient PCB drilling.

Design for maximum possible pad size.

Specify the greatest possible tolerances.

Follow Component Spacing & Orientation guidelines.

Know your manufacturer as they might have some special needs or requirements that will help reduce the costs and also they can give your their tolerances and capabilities so as not to design beyond these. There are many other things to consider when a PCB is designed such as tooling strips, tooling holes these need to be in line with the PCBA companies needs. Fiducial marks, penalization methods legend solder masks PCB material and copper weight. PCB design is a complex mix and a constant battle of compromises.

PCB Design Services