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electronic circuit board design
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Electronic Circuit Board Design

Do you wish to outclass your competitors in electronic circuit board design?

Do you wish to hire a company that would determine the task to be accomplished, select components, design schematics & circuit board and undertake prototyping, testing & corrections?

Are you looking to hire any firm that would assist you from initial concept to manufacture or at various stages along the way?

Then your search ends here. If you make use of electronics as part of your product, Extron Design can be your best friend. Leveraging more than three decades of experience, we assist our valued patrons in the design of electronics and the PCB work like no one else. By designing electronics circuit in a professional manner, we add quality and peace of mind for our clients. Based on the ability of our technical experts, we would assist you in schematic design; the electronic circuit designs, the PCB design work or the complete design management.

“Out of the box” ideas are welcomed with open arms. We devise our approach in a unique way to surpass your expectations and make you thrive in your industry. So whether you want to develop a product from an idea or need¬†electronic circuit design service, Extron Design’s team is on its heels to assist you in the best possible manner. And what if you can avail our unparalleled and unmatched services at competitive rates!

Whatever your current needs are, from conceptual to complicated, we can help. New designs in the early stages of development, schematic capture, PCB design and routing, a library, and database translation services, Extron has it all.

So whether you are struggling with an old product or want to develop your product or have obsolete electronics that you need to keep working or you want to implement better testing and more efficient testing, just partner with us for a reliable solution. We would leave no stone unturned to help you keep ahead of your competition.

Electronic Circuit Design