Electronic Engineering Services Company in Australia - Extron
electronic engineering services, electronic engineering, electronic engineering management
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Electronic Engineering Services

Electronic Engineering Services include a range of design and support services. Helping companies with developing their products and maintaining their competitive edge in their markets. Almost all products have some engineering needs, plastic industrial electronic electrical mechanical if Extron does not have the expertise then someone in our extensive global network will.

Extron can work with current designs and current staff to accelerate the design process and fill in the gaps. These services include schematic design CPLD and FPGA development electronic circuit design or complete design management, software, power distribution, and firmware development on a number of platforms and processors. 3D plastic enclosures and adaptors metal work mechanical designs.

The wide range of electronic design and their growing complexity requires a high level of skills and expertise. Our engineering team is currently providing commercial electronic product designs for our clients.

Through our work with our clients, we have succeeded in providing stand-alone embedded software (firmware) or designing embedded systems. As an independent PCB Designer, our service covers every PCB design using most of the CAD software available. Our control system services cover the design of sensor-controlled systems for various small to medium-scale applications. Throughout their engineering careers, our engineers have gained theoretical and practical expertise in order to design and simulate various aspects of power system design utilizing a variety of simulation tools. System integration, manufacturing execution systems (MES), routing and tracking systems (including RFID and barcoding), data collection systems (including FIS, Andon/Quality Alert Systems), and error-proofing are some of the more advanced aspects of electrical and controls engineering.

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