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Currently the following services are offered by Extron Design Services

Electronic Design and Product development

Product development services are Extron’s core business. From concept to manufacture Extron can help develop the hardware, software and the manufacture information and processes to get a product to market. With our extensive industry contacts and experience we can get the product to market for the lowest cost. Extron does not manufacture product other than prototypes and samples. Using our network of local and overseas manufacturing suppliers Extron can orgainse a solution to fit your needs.

Contract PCB and Schematic Capture

Extron can provide contract PCB design work and also Schematic capture. Using Extron for your PCB design allows a third party view on the design this will provide the opportunity to pick up any small errors or missing schematic capture connections. This is a great way of having your schematic verified. All work is done by a qualified electronic engineer.

Engineering Management & Technology Assessment

After many years of corporate management Mark can provide a valuable addition to companies corporate meetings providing a sound technical perspective for the meeting. Many years of dealing at a corporate level providing engineering expertise and advice, enables Mark to provide a simplified presentation to non technical people. This helps meeting run faster and prevents senior manages from getting bogged down in detail they really do not need to know. Many years of tender submissions and sales presentations has provided a good grounding in the technical presentation of sales material. As an independent person and third party assessment of any technology can be obtained. This can help companies to make an informed decision on any new technology they are looking at taking up.

Quality Systems and Technical Procedures and Documentation development

ISO9000 quality systems a must for medium and large companies, Mark has undergone training in ISO9000 implementation and has implemented in a previous business a certified online ISO9001 quality system. Help required to get your quality system up and running is only a phone call away. With many years in the design field mostly under ISO9001 quality systems, documentation is the key to securing the developed IP and ensuring ongoing value. Local knowledge can be fatal in any business there must be clear documentation on the projects, to prevent issues when a key person leaves. Technical documentation needs to be clear and concise, let Mark help and overview what you have.

Radio Frequency Identification

Service Repair and Calibration

After more than 20 years running and operating an electronic service and repair company including RF calibration lab, Mark has extensive experience in setting up and running electronic repair and maintenance operations, both high volume low margin and low volume high margin. The repair process can be troubled with parts supply and parts no longer available, Mark can help with advise and in some cases can design a suitable replacement for an out of date part or assembly. If your process is having trouble call us.

Design Overflow or Contracting

If your company has design overflow and needs some extra resources in the CAD area please call. Current experience in the following areas PCB and Schematic design, extensive knowledge of Protel, Altium designer, Imagecraft C compliers, Atmel AVR processors, AutoCAD Solidworks, siemens Solidedge and various web development, MS visual studio and various other less well known packages.

Obsolete Product Replacement Development

In many industries products become obsolete or the original company goes out of business but in many cases the original product is still fully functional but has a module failure or a part has died and there is no direct replacement. Extron can help and have done so for many clients engineering a new modern replacement for the old part or module. While this is a costly process if the cost of the original equipment is high then extending its life will be of benefit.

PCB and PCBA Manufacturing Services

After more than 20 years in the electronics industry Extron can help to find the best PCB and PCBA services, we act as a representative for a number of quality overseas suppliers. While we would prefer to use local companies to keep the business local, if your product is cost sensitive and the quality is very important, let us find you a cost effective solution for your needs.

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