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Flockoff Animal Deterrent Systems

Looking for some of the innovative and technically advanced animal deterrent systems of protecting your crop field from birds and animals without harming them?

Extron Design is pleased to offer you the advanced animal & bird deterrent systems called Flock off. There are numerous added benefits of having this amazing device that comes with a suitable audio system to make sounds and scare birds and animals from fields. Animals are nature’s gifts, and there are many lovely kinds. However, if they cause problems on a regular basis, you may want to get rid of them. They might enter your garden uninvitedly and harm your plants and flowers. Not only that, but most wild animals carry bugs that can transmit diseases to your cherished pets.

Why Animal Deterrent Systems?

Specifically designed to scar birds from food crops, Flockoff was developed for the protection of crop and minimising the damage to crops that traditional netting causes. The Flockoff system has been using various innovative techniques along with a wireless audio system. Utilising moving sounds around the crop causing bird confusion and frighten them with no harm. In this way, you can protect your crop, while leaving no birds or animal harmed. We provide a variety of deterrent devices to assist you in deterring and controlling small and large animals.

Inception of Flockoff ADSĀ is truly the right way of protecting your crops, especially in large areas where it is not easy to employ other methods. We at Extron Design develop and sell these amazing and innovative products at a price that will suit your budget.

We also offer after sales services and manufacturer’s warranty. Installation and operational information and support for all products sold.

Simply place your order or quote for the best products at affordable rates in Australia.