Electronic Product Design Management Company - Extron
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Design Management

“Design management is a complex and multi-faceted activity that goes right to the heart of what a company is or does […] it is not something susceptible to pat formulas, a few bullet points or a manual. Every company’s structure and internal culture are different; design management is no exception. But the fact that every firm is different does not diminish the importance of managing design tightly and effectively.” – John Thackara.

Have you ever given a thought to what the world would look like without electronic items?

Do you know whether you are using a doorbell, or watch, or audio system, electronic circuits are installed in them?

Being one of the leading Electronic Design and Product Development companies in Australia, we have set a benchmark in Design Management. This has a direct effect on production and cost-cutting factors. This is something that includes ongoing electronic design processes, business decisions, and strategies, that power innovation and assistance in creating designed products and services.

Leveraging more than thirty years of experience, we hold immense knowledge and expertise in managing PCB Design, calibration repairs, USB Hardware Design, and schematic Design, discrete logic, analog electronics, actuators, audio, motor control, embedded microcontrollers, power supply, solar chargers, and wireless communication to IoT devices, as well as complex embedded software. Our competence in digital and high-speed digital design is informed by our extensive experience with RF and analog electronics. These solutions can be utilized on their own or as part of our mechanical designs. We’ve created high-reliability electronics for use in automotive, mining, and aviation goods, with experience spanning from one-off designs like manufacturing line tests to high-volume, low-cost consumer electronics. Based on our designs, your organization can achieve its strategic and mission goals.

To bring visions to life, our designers employ a variety of computerized CAD technologies. We have a well-equipped electronics workshop for putting new systems together and getting them up and running, as well as an in-house test and measurement facility for design validation.

Design Management