PCBA Management System Services | Printed Circuit Assembly - Extron
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PCBA Management

Once the design work has been completed and the initial prototypes checked and verified as suitable the next stage is production. PCBA, Printed Circuit Board Assembly, as it is often referred to is the process of assembling the PCB into the final product. This involved ensuring all the components and various parts are available coordinating the company doing the assembly work and the client and the suppliers. Matching delivery time to ensure all parts arrive at the same time with minimal expense and over-ordering. While inherently not complicated this can be a time-consuming process. Extron has considerable experience in this area both locally and overseas. For high-security products, we generally recommend one of the many quality local assemblers and we can assist in the coordination and ensuring all the information required is there.

Often during this process parts can go into short supply or very long lead times, with Extron’s extensive electronic circuit design experience we can often select a suitable substitute to allow production to proceed. We have an extensive network of assemblers both locally and overseas that we have experience with and also can source parts from a network of component marketing companies that often hold stock.