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RCD Products testing


RCD stands for Residual Current Device.

In short, an RCD is an electrical protection device that disconnects a circuit in the event of a fault.

The Residual Current Device operates on the principle of continuously monitoring the balance of currents between the Line conductor and the Neutral conductor. If this balance is lost that means that the current from the Line conductor is going somewhere else other than the Neutral conductor – that is to Earth, trough a fault somewhere within the installation.

A regular domestic RCD is set to a 30mA limit. The reason for this is because the human body can withstand a current of that level. Anything above this would be dangerous for life, so the RCD would cut the supply of.


According to standard, portable and fixed residual current devices are required to undergo push button tests, and a combined operating time and push button test. These tests are required at a series of different intervals. The push button test should be completed at least once every 3 months.


Follow these simple steps to ensure your RCDs are operating correctly:

    1. Plug a small lamp into a power point and make sure it works. Leave it turned on.
    2. Make sure that electricity is connected to the property and the main switch is in the “on” position. The lamp should be on.
    3. Turn off all electronic equipment (computers and televisions) etc.
    4. Push the test button on each RCD. Do not hold your finger on the test button. The RCD should operate (turn off). If it does not operate, it must be checked by an electrical contractor.
    5. After pushing the test button and the RCDs have turned off, check that the small lamp is now off. Also check that all the lights and power points do not operate. To do this, plug the small lamp into all the power points and turn the power point on. If the lamp turns on, a licensed electrical contractor must be engaged to correct the wiring.
    6. When finished testing, turn the RCDs back on and check that the lamp works when plugged into a power point.
RCD Products testing