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Take Advantage of the Lockdown

As most of us realise lockdowns will be part of our normally daily activity for some time to come. They will be part of the strategy to limit the spread and impact of COVID. As we get better at managing the virus they will likely become smaller lockdown areas for less time.

A lockdown can be seen as a positive opportunity not a negative impose. This depends a lot on our attitude and outlook. Short periods of time where we cannot work in the business, either as an owner or employee.

As a business owner time to spend working on the business and looking at the direction and future opportunities the changing landscape can offer. Improving the companies offering and refining marketing collateral. During this time if we do not adapt and change, like the dinosaur we will become extinct.

This is also a time where we can reflect, and that improved “mouse trap” we have been thinking about take a positive step forward. We all see things and say that could be better if all the things we have today have come about from someone looking and saying I could do better or wouldn’t it be nice to have a why hasn’t someone invented With our ever-busy lifestyle these trains of thought just get forgotten or put in the back of the mind. Well, in lock down now is the time to drag these things into front of mind and take the first difficult step.

Everything we have someone has invented why not be the next big product/service inventor. There is little excuse at the moment saying “I have no time to do this” we all have time to spare. I developed this during Victoria’s first lockdown This idle time was not wasted. We all have this creative streak within us but in a lot of cases it is suppressed by a lack of confidence to just simply try. Ideas are not the property of the super intelligent and gifted. Ideas come from the imagination what can be visioned or conceived. Often those not directly involved in something can see more clearly than those directly involved. Cannot see the wood for the trees. An intelligent person with close involvement will listen to those with less detailed involvement there is a chance of a gem of an idea.

Do not put off today what you could invent for tomorrow. Just start.
– Mark

Take Advantage of the Lockdown