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Schematic Design Services

Schematic capture and PCB design

One of the key areas in electronic product development is schematic capture or schematic design and the PCB design work. Often not enough time is spent in these two areas in a rush to get the product to market. This leads to delays in product launches or costly recalls. Nothing exceeds experience in this area. Even just getting an opinion on the completed PCB and schematic prior to prototyping might save one round of prototyping or revision. This is time saved.

Schematic design often also called electronic circuit design is the process of drawing the interconnections between components to produce a working circuit or product. This is also the stage where components are selected for the design. This stage is vital in the overall product development cycle. Easy to read and clear well-spaced and well-documented schematics are the hallmark of good electronic circuit design. Mistakes here then progress into the PCB design work and then to production leading to a failed product. Clear schematics make for easy service and future reference. A clear and concise bill of materials means no confusion in production. These steps help to avoid mistakes and problems.

The careful choice of parts to ensure the product can be produced efficiently and also for the required lifetime of the product is an extremely important stage. All too often parts go into shortage and there is no suitable alternative. Second source parts and independent suppliers should be considered before part selection. Minimum Order Qualities, MOQ, from suppliers must be taken into consideration and delivery time frames. All this comes with experience and constant work within the industry.