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Aquatrak – Best Invention to Save Water for a Healthy Environment

Water is one of the essential resources for human beings. Water-saving techniques save you money and help to keep our environment healthy. Today, many water-saving techniques are being used.

But they are hardly capable of saving a good amount of water…

One of the major reasons for wasting water is unawareness. Many people are not quite aware, how much water they are actually wasting.

Suppose you are on a diet, and you went to a restaurant with your family, they ordered Pizza which you loved a lot. You promised yourself you would be only having a slice or two. But when you started eating that, you enjoyed the taste and juice so much; that you could not stop yourself. Still, you were happy at that time that you haven’t eaten a lot.

The next day you watched on television, that a single regular pizza contains a whole lot of calories. Unfortunately, you took the calories for the whole week.

Same is the case for water…

Who does not enjoy taking a shower? We all do! But have we ever realized how much water we waste, just by standing under the shower? Obviously no!

What if we know, how much water we are using? Would we be wasting that much amount we normally do? You know the answer!

According to a research, an average household uses about 30% of its water consumption in shower. That is a lot!

Now, what if I tell you, finally a product that talks about the quantity of water that has been used is invented…

“Aquatrak” was one of the most needed inventions, that benefits the environment. You can play your part too! By using “Aquatrak” you can serve the environment by saving water.

Let’s have an in-depth look about the product, how it works, and what are the further benefits…

How “Aquatrak” Works?

Aquatrak has been designed for all to save water. Not just that, by saving water it saves a good amount of money as well. It also contains a low-flow, high-efficiency device that reports the fixtures water usage real time. Also, it is one of the devices that are easy to install. It has a sensor, that monitors the flow of water, and displays the consumption in liters.

In this way, you can know about the amount of water you have consumed while using a shower.

Benefits of “Aquatrak”

There are many benefits of using Aquatrak. Some of them are described below…

1.Easy to install

The Aquatrak water-saving equipment is easy to install. A person with moderate to low knowledge of installing equipment can still install the product.


One of the greatest benefits of these devices is sustainability. By installing “Aquatrak”, a significant amount of power could be saved. As, in winter, heating a shower consumes a lot of power. However, by using these devices the same work could be done by less power consumption.

3.For Everyone

Aquatrak devices’ uses are never restricted to home only. If you are a business owner and planning to install it in your office, you are just thinking correctly. The adaptable behavior of “Aquatrak” is quite amazing.


Aquatrak water-saving arrangements are unique, and allow its users to save a reasonable amount of water, and power. You haven’t seen any such product in the market up till now.

After knowing about some of the benefits, you might be wondering about the availability of the product in the market. It is a high-quality product, that is extremely cost-effective. You never want to miss a chance to have the perks of using it…

If you are still wondering about the cost you need to spend to get this…

Let me tell you one thing. It is one of the greatest investments you will ever make!

Why do I call it an investment? You will be getting back all of the money you spend on it in a month, by saving water & power consumption. From next month, rest all will be profits…

Always give back to the environment!

Our environment has given us a lot! We should always look to give back to our environment. Have you ever wondered about the number of benefits you provide by saving water? Let’s look into some of them…

1.Less water consumption means a decrease in Carbon dioxide

2.Large water reserves in Rivers

3.Saving water helps protect nations water supplies

Even a single drop of water saved is a great donation to the environment. So, let us support one of the greatest initiatives for the purpose…

About the Inventor

This great idea was given, and brought to consideration by “Mark Barber” from “Extron Design Services”.

Extron is a product design company that specializes in electronic designs. The company supports the ideas of many individuals, and brings them to life.

The idea of “Aquatrak” came from the comments of her daughter when she talked about the shortage of water during the Victoria fires which broke out in 2019/2020.

Finally, after months of thinking, and researching about a product that could help with the water shortage; he came out with this great idea. The completion of the idea was done in the lockdown when he had some spare time to think and work on “Aquatrak”.

“Aquatrak” – Looking for Donations & Crowdfunding

This great invention has not yet gone to the production phase. Due to high initial production costs in plastic tooling, and a large number of demands in the market just at the start, we have to start with a good capital cost.

You probably have what it takes to bring this excellence to the market… Not only for you but for the betterment of our environment.

By investing, and funding; you will be generating a lot of profits for yourself as well. Not just that, it will be a great hand of support for the whole nation.

A single penny of help from your side may help a lot with the solution of water shortage…

Maybe you could be the one who would be proud of yourself when the whole world will be suffering from water crises due to some reason, but not your country.

Aquatrak – Best Invention to Save Water for a Healthy Environment