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Speed Advisory Sign.

In certain areas and also on highways/expressways, speed advisory signs are placed or fixed to make people aware of their speed while driving in the area. Speeding can resulting in costly fines or worse result in injury to other road users.

Extron has developed some very low cost digital speed advisory signs that are designed and developed to provide rapid speed advice to drivers. We at Extron Design are well aware of the importance of such speed advisory devices in Australia. Keeping this in mind, we have come up with the best quality and advanced speed advisory signs that can display the speed of traffic up to 50 M away with minimum reading of 20kph and maximum speed of 99kph in an easy way.

With the ability to run from internal batteries that are solar panel charging, the new line of advanced speed advisory signs come equipped with GSM connectivity to report the speed statics on a regular basis. Extron has developed these advisory signs after years of research and investigation into markets. No matter from where you are in Australia, you can easily place your order.

Affordable prices, a guide to installation and after sales services for limited period are some added services you will be getting from us.

Feel free to contact us to buy the best in line speed advisory signs at factory-direct price and from the comfort of home.


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