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Product Development

Product development from concept to sales is a process with a lot of stages. This process can often take a long time and if not done correctly can cause the failure of the product. The following is a short list of some of the stages

Product Idea

Product Idea Market Research

IP Protection

Product design

Field trials



Sales and Marketing

These are the basic stages, depending on the product and the market there are often more stages.

Extron has many years of experience in product development and we would be delighted to help you with your idea.

Product development from Concept to manufacture

Do you have an idea for a new product? Not sure where to go next? Patent, copyright, funding? Coming up with the idea is often the easy part. Let Extron's many years of product development and commercialisation experience help you. Extron can help companies take their concept or idea and make it a commercial reality. We can work with your current staff or management or run the entire development.

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