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Electronic Repair Services

Exton's principle built up one of Australia's largest product repair and refurbished companies processing up to 5,000 repairs per week. If you have a product repair need call us and get some advice. Even if the product is obsolete and the original manufacturer is no longer in business we can help. We can reverse engineer a new solution or repair the current product with new technology. This can keep the current equipment going for a few more years. Designing a new solution for an obsolete part of the equipment is a good way to get the most life out of your equipment.

Do you run a repair house and need some advice please call. We have good trade rates. Electronic repairs always run on slim margins and often reevaluating the way you do things can help to improve margins. If you cannot get parts as they are obsolete and need to know of a modern equivalent then ask us for advice. If there is no direct equivalent maybe we can design a suitable replacement sub assembly.


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