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Additional Contract Engineering Resources

Do you have a design team that is struggling to keep up with the work load? Do you have an urgent job to complete? Do you just want some new ideas in your product develop process? Extron can provide some excellent contract design skills to augment your team's resources. This can be as little as 1 hour or many hours per week. We can provide assistance in the following areas schematic capture PCB design documentation testing CPLD and FPGA development firmware on a variety of processors and IDE platforms, 3D development using "Solid Works" or "Solidedge". Contract engineering resources are the most cost effective top up solution you only pay when you need the extra resource. You get experienced people with new ideas that have often working in many industry sectors and can bring new ideas to your product. Thinking outside the box to come up with a different approach can give your product the edge in your industry sector.


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