Innovative Development and Atmel AVR at Extron Design

Every business always focuses on innovation, latest developments and keeping pace with the currant technical scenario. In order to keep their productivity maintained with a positive approach on the way of success, companies always look for some of the innovative solutions. Having innovative development in electronic product design, PCB design, microcontrollers and schematic design solutions are also one of them. Not forget to mention the Atmel AVR microcontrollers that have truly become the vital need of the domain in which they are required.

Atmel AVR – an Innovative 8-Bit RISC Single Chip Microcontroller

Being one of the innovative 8-Bit RISC Single Chip Microcontrollers developed around 20 years ago, Atmel AVR truly revolutionized the world as it was earlier taken into use on-ship flash memory for the storage of programs in a different way to one-time programmable ROM, EPROM. It is also known as updated machine in which data and programs are stored in separate physical memory system appearing in different address spaces. Not forget to mention having no ability of reading data items from program memory utilizing special instructions. If compared to other microcontrollers, then no one can perform better than Atmel AVR 8-Bit RISC Single Chip Microcontroller.

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