GPS Enabled Speed Advisory Signs in Australia at Extron Design

Signing speed advisory signs play an important role in making people aware of their vehicles speed while driving in that area. As per the transport authorities and local authorities, it is important to follow the speed limit. Over speed means facing problems like costly fines as over speeding at these areas may result in injury to others. These amazing sign boards are designed and installed by leading companies.

These sign boards are installed at highways/expressways and intercity roads by mentioned the speed limit. They are made in a way so that drivers can see them from a certain distance so that they can follow the speed limit. They are also required in streets from where vehicles pass day and night; while over speeding in these areas may create problems to others.

Now, Extron Design has been designing and involved in the distribution and installation of speed advisor signs; while also offering the repairing services if required. These sign boards are computer operated and may required some repairing as well.

Extron Design offers you the best solutions for speed advisory signs. These amazing signs are helpful in displaying the speed of the traffic up to 50 meters away with minimum reading of 20 kph and maximum speed of 99kph in an easy way. These sign boards are designed and offered with the ability of running from an internal battery with a feature of solar panel charging. Moreover, they are also equipped with GSM connectivity to report the sped statics on a regular basis.

Now, you can easily purchase after placing your order online from anywhere in Australia. The renowned company is also a one stop name for ATMEL AVR, electronic circuit design, Innovative development service and similar other services and solutions.