Electronic Design and the Various Aspects Involved with It

“Design can help organisations transform their performance, from business product innovation, to the commercialisation of science and the delivery of public services. That is why design forms an integral part of the Government’s plans for innovation and growth and features strongly in our Innovation and Research Strategy for Growth…………..”as by Rt Hon David Willetts MP, Minister for Universities and science.

Electronic product development includes everything from concept to manufacture – Product Idea, Product Idea Market Research, IP Protection, Product Design, Field Trials, Production, Certification and Sales & Marketing. Among all these product development stages, product design is very crucial. The failure or success of product development depends upon the design management.

To scale down the number of prototypes and reduce the operation/production costs, we need complete and innovative contract design. Another major electronic design is schematic design also familiar by the name of electronic circuit design services. It implies a method of drawing the interconnections between components to produce a product or a working circuit. Out of the box ideas are always welcome, so we should always look for some innovative designs and new concepts for an efficient product development.

The steps for the design process of electronic products are –
1. determining the objectives and goals to be accomplished
2. selection of components
3. corresponding schematic diagrams
4. design of circuit board
5. prototyping, testing and corrections

For those who have hands on experience will not any find any hurdle in designing electronic circuit. However, for a beginner, designing an electronic circuit is a challenge and involves lot of complications in it.