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Extron is a provider of product development and engineering services to many industry sectors.
Mark Barber is the CEO and founder of Extron with many years of product development, design experience and commercialisation. Including initial idea development IP protection. A broad range of engineering skills will result in the best solution for your idea or a good addition to your team when some outside perspective is needed or more resources to get the project completed.
After many considerable years of product development focusing on electronic design, schematic design, PCB design work , 3D plastics design and other innovative designs. Extron has formed a strong relationships with many quality manufacturers locally and overseas. Extron can assist you in your PCBA management (Printed Circuit Board Assembly). We can assist in the complete innovation and design development, product cycle, concept development, production management etc.

Product development from concept to manufacture. Extron can help you realise your idea to a manufactured and commercial solution. If you have no current design team let Extron be your design team. Allow Extron to take your vision and make it a reality.

Electronic Engineering Services include a range of design and support services helping with current designs and current staff to accelerate the design process fill in the gaps. These services include schematic design CPLD and FPGA development electronic circuit design or complete design management.


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